Navigating Legal Separation: Providing Security & Certainty

Divorce is the unfortunate outcome for 42% of marriages in the UK; making it a prevalent issue within society. However, there are ways to avoid divorce by seeking alternative methods of conflict resolution. Legal separation is one of these; giving couples another solution to choose from when marital problems arise. It is important to know […]

Domestic Violence: Providing Support & Seeking Protection

Domestic violence is a very serious and, unfortunately, prevalent issue in today’s society. Anyone can become a victim regardless of age, sex, race or religion, and the aftereffects of experiencing something like this can be devastating. However, more and more support options are appearing, enabling victims to reach out for help when they need it. […]

Same-Sex Marriage & Civil Partnerships

Same-sex marriage refers to the legal joining of two people of the same gender. This type of partnership often includes exchanging vows at a ceremony. Civil partnerships also unite two people, except this method only requires the parties to sign a declaration. They will gain similar legal rights to a married couple but they will […]

Divorce Proceedings: A Civilised Approach To Moving On

Marriage is a wonderful joining of two partners, and many marriages last for life. Unfortunately, this is not always the case and when things don’t go as planned, it can be comforting to know that there are solutions that help everyone involved to move on from the relationship. The legal process can be long and […]

Mediation & Negotiation: Navigating Family Matters With Compassion

Familial relationships are often the strongest type of bonds, which is why it can be so difficult when issues arise. At Wayman & Long, we recognise the importance of finding a resolution that is favourable to all, in order to preserve these relationships. Mediation and negotiation is a fairly recent solution which can delicately address […]
image of paper people under umbrella to illustrate family solicitors in Suffolk

Why are Wayman & Long experts in family law

At Wayman & Long, our solicitors excel in helping our clients navigate all types of legal issues, including family law. Although this can be a daunting process, having the right legal team can make everything seem far less complicated. With our vast experience, we are confident that our services will leave you feeling supported, with […]
Image of solicitor with elderly couple to illustrate page about probate solicitors in Sudbury

Why Choose Wayman & Long As Your Probate Solicitor?

Estate planning can seem daunting at first due to the sometimes emotionally-charged nature of the process. It is however, a vital aspect of ensuring your estate and assets are passed on efficiently to your chosen loved ones. It also helps to avoid any potential issues that may arise in the future. At Wayman & Long, […]
divorce solicitors in Suffolk

Why Choose Wayman & As Your Divorce And Separation Solicitors In Suffolk

Our team, based in our offices in Sudbury and Clare, are specialists in a number of legal areas including the sometimes-complicated issue of divorce. Divorce and separation proceedings are intricate legal processes that call for expertise and empathy. Wayman & Long offer unparalleled support and guidance to individuals who are currently facing these challenging circumstances. […]
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What Is A Civil Dispute?

A civil dispute refers to a conflict between two or more parties, usually involving private rights or contractual disagreements. Finding yourself in the middle of a complex civil dispute can be challenging, and depending on the route you choose to go down, they can also be costly and time-consuming. Below we have outlined a few […]
Wayman and Long

Solicitors In Sudbury & Clare, Suffolk

When legal matters arise, it can be a troubling and difficult time to navigate through. At Wayman & long we pride ourselves on being a traditional high street firm who take a personalised approach. With solicitors in Sudbury and Clare, Suffolk, we offer a full range of services, but most importantly we have a client-focused […]
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