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Our family law solicitors in Suffolk are committed to supporting individuals and families through difficult relationship dynamics. We aim to be a guide to nurturing connections, resolving conflict and offering compassionate solutions. In our practice, family law encompasses a spectrum of crucial matters, from mediation and negotiation to legal separation, divorce proceedings, and the delicate issues surrounding children's well-being. At its core, family law is about navigating the complexities of human relationships with understanding and expertise, providing a reassuring presence during the most challenging times.

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Mediation & Negotiation
Navigating Family Matters With Compassion

When family matters arise, the initial approach is to bring together all parties for open discussions via mediation. The goal is always to reach agreements amicably, but should the need arise, we are able to go with you to the next step of the journey through court negotiations. Should your situation reach this stage, we want to assure you that we will be dedicated to achieving the outcome you deserve from the proceedings. We are 100% on your side and will support you through the entire process.

Navigating Legal Separation
Providing Security & Certainty

Not all couples choose the final option of divorce, and we respect that choice. Whether through judicial separation or a separation agreement, our legal advisers ensure that terms related to financial agreements, living arrangements, and access to children are thoughtfully outlined. While these agreements may not always be fully legally binding, this can provide a more light-touch feel to a stressful situation and provide a sense of security and certainty during transitional periods.

Divorce Proceedings 
A Civilised Approach To Moving On

Contrary to a wide-held belief, divorce doesn't have to be hostile. We encourage civilised discussions on property division, child custody, guardianship and debt management. Our aim is to assist parting couples in finding supportive solutions, fostering a calm end to an otherwise difficult situation.

Children & Family Law
Prioritising The Well-Being Of Your Children

In the midst of marital or family breakdowns, we understand that children are the ones most affected. Our family solicitors provide crucial advice on Child Arrangement Orders, addressing where a child lives, visitation schedules and all other matters concerning a child's upbringing.

Domestic Violence
Providing Support & Seeking Protection

No one should endure domestic violence, whether verbal, physical, or through harassment. Our team offers unwavering support and, when necessary, assists in seeking the protection of the Courts. Your safety and well-being are our top priorities.

Navigating Legal Issues With Care

For couples living together without the legal tie of marriage, we understand that the breakdown of these relationships can be complex. We advise couples to establish necessary wills and agreements during happier times, and if things take a turn, we're here to help either party obtain what they believe they are due.

Same-Sex Marriage & Civil Partnerships 
Embracing Equality & Understanding

Wayman & Long proudly supports same-sex couples and those in civil partnerships. Our services encompass pre-registration agreements, the implications of registering a civil partnership, issues related to children and dissolution of partnerships. We offer not only legal guidance but also understanding and sympathetic advice, emphasising equal opportunities laws.

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What Our Clients Say

Jody Downs
Jody Downs
Friendly and professional service. Effortless resolution to our needs. Definitely would recommend for future requirements. Thank you for all your help.
Catherine Dakin
Catherine Dakin
At such a difficult time in my life, I was glad that my mother had employed the services of Wayman & Long. They were efficient, compassionate, and highly professional, which meant that all matters relating to mum's estate were dealt with and finalised in a timely manner and without incident. I was particularly impressed with Phil, who worked in a very person-centred manner, ensuring the needs of all beneficiaries and the wishes of my mum were met throughout. I can honestly recommend Wayman & Long without hesitation.
Dr-Liz Gordon
Dr-Liz Gordon
A successful conclusion was achieved to an unpleasant boundary dispute, guided by Mr Gowling and his staff. His expertise and understanding of the problem made it a pleasure to work with him.
Sheena Stalker
Sheena Stalker
Phil is knowledgeable, efficient, and communication is very good. he always replies. Would highly recommend, Phil and the staff who support him.


At Wayman & Long we prioritise transparent communication about fees. Although each journey is unique, we have compiled a downloadable fees guide which can give an indication to the likely costs associated with your situation.

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