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Property law (also known as real estate law) covers a wealth of areas, including both commercial and private properties. At Wayman & Long we understand the unique challenges individuals face when property disputes arise and can provide expert guidance on all aspects of property law.

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Issues With Buying Or Selling A Property

Sometimes the conveyancing process doesn't always unfold as it should and unforeseen challenges can emerge. Issues may arise with the mortgage offer, legal documents, or other essential paperwork, including potential complications with the Land Registry or Deeds. It is during these moments of uncertainty that you need someone on your side and our dedicated expertise can help. At Wayman & Long, we recognise that navigating these hurdles requires prompt intervention and our team of property solicitors is ready to address the spectrum of legal matters that may surface during the conveyancing process.  These include but are not limited to:

Mortgage Disputes

Handling legal disputes arising from mortgage agreements, providing expert guidance to protect the interests of both borrowers and lenders throughout the resolution process.

Misrepresentation of Property

Addressing concerns related to the misrepresentation of property, ensuring accurate and transparent transactions and seeking appropriate legal remedies for misrepresented information.

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Property Disputes

Property disputes can arise from various sources, ranging from boundary disagreements to issues related to tenancy, rent, or property condition. These can be stressful and often require legal intervention to come to the best solution. At Wayman & Long, we specialise in navigating property disputes, offering you tailored guidance and resolutions and the assurance that your rights and interests are our main priority throughout the dispute resolution process.

Possession and Rent Recovery for Assured Shorthold and Protected Rent Act Tenancies

The legal process of regaining possession of a property and recovering unpaid rent for assured shorthold and protected rent act tenancies.

Disputes Over Deposits

Resolving disagreements between landlords and tenants concerning security deposits, adhering to deposit protection regulations and ensuring a fair and lawful resolution.

Recovery Charges Relating to Rent and Service on Long Leases

Addressing and recovering charges for service fees that haven’t been paid by tenants.

Claims About the Disrepair of Property

Handling legal claims relating to a property, whether that be a personal dwelling or commercial building. Claims from tenants can include issues relating to the interior or exterior of a property, or both.

Dealing with Unlawful Occupation of Property by Squatters

Managing legal processes to handle the unlawful occupation of property by squatters, protecting property rights and facilitating the removal of unauthorised occupants.

Planning Permission Issues

 Providing legal guidance on matters related to planning permission, ensuring compliance with regulations and navigating complexities in property development or alterations.

Boundary Disputes

 Resolving conflicts between property owners over boundary lines, ensuring legal clarity and facilitating agreements or legal actions to address disputed boundaries.

Enfranchisement Issues Appertaining to Landlords and Long Leaseholders

Handling concerns associated with acquiring the freehold of a property.

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What Our Clients Say

Jody Downs
Jody Downs
Friendly and professional service. Effortless resolution to our needs. Definitely would recommend for future requirements. Thank you for all your help.
Catherine Dakin
Catherine Dakin
At such a difficult time in my life, I was glad that my mother had employed the services of Wayman & Long. They were efficient, compassionate, and highly professional, which meant that all matters relating to mum's estate were dealt with and finalised in a timely manner and without incident. I was particularly impressed with Phil, who worked in a very person-centred manner, ensuring the needs of all beneficiaries and the wishes of my mum were met throughout. I can honestly recommend Wayman & Long without hesitation.
Dr-Liz Gordon
Dr-Liz Gordon
A successful conclusion was achieved to an unpleasant boundary dispute, guided by Mr Gowling and his staff. His expertise and understanding of the problem made it a pleasure to work with him.
Sheena Stalker
Sheena Stalker
Phil is knowledgeable, efficient, and communication is very good. he always replies. Would highly recommend, Phil and the staff who support him.
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