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When legal matters arise, it can be a troubling and difficult time to navigate through. At Wayman & long we pride ourselves on being a traditional high street firm who take a personalised approach. With solicitors in Sudbury and Clare, Suffolk, we offer a full range of services, but most importantly we have a client-focused approach.

Our History

We believe our commitment to client satisfaction is what makes us stand out against the competition. We understand the feelings of excitement about purchasing your first home or trepidation at facing separation or divorce. We have worked with hundreds of individuals over the years and each client has received a tailored service, unique to them.

We also understand the importance of giving back to our local communities. We are actively engaged throughout the year with charity initiatives and also created and launched the ‘Business Of The Year’ award to support emerging organisations in the local area.

Our Legal Services

The solicitors here at Wayman & Long offer a wide range of services to ensure that we have a solution for every situation. Whether you’re seeking assistance with property transactions, family law matters, wills and probate or civil litigation, our solicitors bring a wealth of experience and expertise to every case.

We can support you with:

Conveyancing: Supporting with the buying and selling of one or more properties, both commercial and residential.

Family Law: We can assist with a range of family services, such as discussing options for separation and divorce, child custody agreements and financial arrangements.

Property Law: Aside from traditional conveyancing, we can help with a range of property-related services. Whether you are having issues regarding planning permission, deposit queries, landlord and tenant disagreements, mortgage disputes or claims of disrepair, we can act on your behalf. 

Estate Planning & Probate: Planning for the future is a delicate matter, and we can talk through the options available to help you feel more secure. Whether that be assisting with Powers of Attorney, will drafting, or estate administration, we can help prepare your documents for the next generation, or support them in understanding the next steps after you’re gone. 

Divorce: Going through a divorce is difficult to process and we aim to take some of the stress away from the situation by offering comprehensive support during and after a separation. From negotiating settlements to finalising child custody arrangements, we can work with you throughout the entire process.

Personal Injury: An accident or injury can take its toll on yourself and family members, especially if you have to have time off work. We work diligently to ensure you receive the compensation you deserve.

Litigation and Dispute Resolution: Unfortunately, when issues can’t be rectified without external help, sometimes the only route is through formal dispute resolution and legal proceedings. We can talk through your options and represent your best interests. 

Agriculture & Rural Affairs: Often unique in nature, we specialise in a range of agricultural affairs, from buying and selling land to dispute resolution, our solicitors are equipped with the knowledge to see you through.

What Makes Wayman & Long Different?

Clear Fees: Wherever possible, we provide a clear outline of costs beforehand, including any additional fees that may occur later down the line. Our main services also all have fixed-fee structures where applicable so that we can be as transparent right from the start.

Independent: Wayman & Long are a traditional high street solicitors’ firm, not a chain, and have stayed that way for a reason. The solicitors in both our Sudbury and Clare branches enjoy taking a personalised approach to every case, ensuring we create a comfortable atmosphere of trust and clarity. It’s for this reason that we also assign each client a dedicated solicitor to stay with you from the beginning to end of the process, guaranteeing a familiar face when visiting us.

Full-Service Offering: We offer a full spectrum of services via both of our branches, to ensure you can receive the right kind of support for your individual needs.

Our Solicitors in Sudbury and Clare are dedicated to navigating you through the legal landscape with care and transparency. Wayman & Long is a trusted, local name with strong roots within our communities. We would be happy to discuss any requirements you may have.

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