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At Wayman & Long, we understand that navigating through divorce or separation is one of life's most challenging experiences. Our dedicated divorce solicitors, based in Clare and Sudbury, Suffolk are here to provide compassionate, dedicated representation to guide you through this emotionally and legally challenging process.

Should the proceedings escalate, we are ready to fight for your rights in court
We are family-run and understand that you need not only legal advice but support
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What Are Your Options Before Divorce?

Contrary to common belief, divorce is not the only option when it comes to ending a relationship. Our matrimonial team will discuss all of your options including:


Considering mediation before deciding to divorce can be a constructive and compassionate approach to resolving marital challenges. Mediation provides a platform for open communication, allowing couples to express their concerns, needs, and desires in a neutral and supportive environment.

Separate using an informal agreement

You might want to explore the option of an informal separation agreement, especially on a trial basis where you may even still be living together. This alternative allows couples to address issues and is based on both parties being able to agree about children, property and finances. It’s worth noting that even if you separate informally you will have to inform certain organisations of your new arrangements. These may include your benefits office, HM Revenue and Customs (tax credits) and your local council (housing benefits and council tax).

Separate by using a separation agreement

This is a written agreement between a couple who intend to stop living together. It details financial, property and childcare arrangements. The advantages of the written agreement are that the details are clear and both parties know where they stand. Although the formal separation isn’t legally binding, one or both parties may be questioned by a judge as to why the arrangement wasn’t kept, should the process result in court proceedings.

The Divorce Procedure

In cases where divorce is the only alternative, certain legal requirements must be met:

The marriage must have lasted for at least one year
There must be an irretrievable breakdown of the relationship

Applying To Divorce

If your situation is straightforward—married with no children and a clear financial separation—you may not require a solicitor. Relevant forms for the Family Court can be downloaded to handle the divorce independently. Nonetheless, consulting one of our expert family lawyers beforehand is highly recommended to ensure you receive the best possible guidance.  

If your case is more complex it’s advisable to involve a solicitor, who can clearly explain the options available and best next steps. Here at Wayman and Long we have a proven track record of achieving the very best financial outcomes for our clients, either by negotiation, mediation or through the courts. 

Once the divorce application has been made

  • If you both agree to the divorce, the court will look at the petition and grant an order called a conditional order - no hearing is needed. 
  • Six weeks after the court grants the conditional order, the party who applied for the divorce can apply to the court for a final order - this confirms the divorce. 
  • After a decree absolute has been made, either partner can marry again or enter into a civil partnership.

Additional Financial Considerations

It is essential that before the final order on the divorce, matrimonial finances are agreed upon or an application to the court for a financial settlement has been made.  This is one of the primary elements of a divorce that requires expert legal advice and guidance.

Additional considerations where children and assets are involved

In addition to helping you navigate a divorce, our team are able to provide expert assistance regarding child contact matters as well as court applications such as for sole occupation of a matrimonial property or non-molestation orders to block unwanted contact.


What Our Clients Say

Jody Downs
Jody Downs
Friendly and professional service. Effortless resolution to our needs. Definitely would recommend for future requirements. Thank you for all your help.
Catherine Dakin
Catherine Dakin
At such a difficult time in my life, I was glad that my mother had employed the services of Wayman & Long. They were efficient, compassionate, and highly professional, which meant that all matters relating to mum's estate were dealt with and finalised in a timely manner and without incident. I was particularly impressed with Phil, who worked in a very person-centred manner, ensuring the needs of all beneficiaries and the wishes of my mum were met throughout. I can honestly recommend Wayman & Long without hesitation.
Dr-Liz Gordon
Dr-Liz Gordon
A successful conclusion was achieved to an unpleasant boundary dispute, guided by Mr Gowling and his staff. His expertise and understanding of the problem made it a pleasure to work with him.
Sheena Stalker
Sheena Stalker
Phil is knowledgeable, efficient, and communication is very good. he always replies. Would highly recommend, Phil and the staff who support him.

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