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At Wayman & Long our team has comprised of agricultural solicitors since 1840. We fully understand that for local landowners, farmers and tenants, ties to the land run deep and the complexities of agricultural and rural law can be both intricate and personal. Our long legacy of support to business owners in and around Suffolk means that we have a wealth of knowledge and experience, and can provide legal representation and advice relating to all matters of agriculture and planning law.
Over 150 years’ experience with agricultural law
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agricultural solicitors in Suffolk
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Buying & Selling Farms

Our experienced agricultural property team provide expert advice in relation to the buying and selling of farms, leading you through the entire conveyancing process from start to finish. This includes help on the associated matters that come with any agricultural transaction.

There are many issues that you may need to consider before the negotiations commence, and our team will be happy to discuss these with your land agent. By so doing, we will be able to achieve the most advantageous deal for you.
Once the terms of the transaction have been agreed, we will take you through the various stages of the conveyancing process. These start with the investigative stage. All the necessary searches will be carried out and advice provided on any search issues which need attention, whether you are buying or selling.

We will handle all the queries on your behalf, and deal with all the legal aspects including any stamp duty requirements. We can also help with any funding matters.

All post-completion work will then be arranged, including recording the transaction at the Land Registry. Other civil matters such, as when land is encumbered by tenancies, or rights of way and easements, the granting of overage or the discharge of any connected obligations, plus any leases or tenancies will all be finalised by us.

Mortgages, leases
Boundaries, common land and tied accommodation
Succession planning, transactional tax, inheritance tax
Land tax, wills, probate, matrimonial issues, and Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPA)
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Selling Agricultural Land To Developers

Agricultural land is often sold for development or other purposes. The size of the land package involved varies greatly, but no matter how big or small, our farm and estate team can help.

Specialist knowledge is required in many instances, issues to do with of rights of way, easements and the transfer or retention of any entitlement to subsidies being just a few.

Our agricultural solicitors are also well versed in dealing with land sales involving their re-use for renewable energy, such as wind farms or solar panels, as well as telecommunication site and even vehicle charging stations.

Additional Planning & Development
Issues related to property and land acquisition or development
agricultural solicitors
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Other Comprehensive Agricultural and Estates Services

Environment, Farming, Food & Drink

Food safety, food labelling, product recall, and regulatory enforcement
Environmental and regulatory compliance, contaminated land, and water issues
Renewable energy, including wind, solar, and biofuels
Commercial matters, including contractual arrangements and rights protection

Dispute Resolution

When it comes to the agricultural sector, there are many sources of disputes. Some are in relation to the land itself such as land occupation and ownership/partnership disputes, others are of a personal nature, like wills, probate, separation or divorce. Even the equipment purchased or sold may lead to litigation if they are not deemed suitable for use. A contract you may have entered into in good faith could also be the cause of problems. There could be a problem with professional advice you’ve received which turned out to be poor, and has itself ended in dispute.

Business Ventures

Agricultural law is a specialised area, and the drafting of farm partnerships and business structures is one area that needs to be carried out with the utmost diligence and attention to detail. As with any business, it is necessary to ensure that it is set up in the most tax-efficient manner and that all matters such as wills and trusts are being used correctly.

Where you are considering taking on, or offering a farm business tenancy, as your agricultural solicitors, we will ensure that this is fair and sets out the obligations and responsibilities relating to both the tenant and the landlord. In such agreements, it is vital for each party to understand what they are responsible for, thus ensuring that the tenancy runs smoothly.

Additional Business Ventures

Corporate governance, mergers and acquisitions
Joint ventures, fundraising, and private equity




All employment law issues
Health and safety defences

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What Our Clients Say

Jody Downs
Jody Downs
Friendly and professional service. Effortless resolution to our needs. Definitely would recommend for future requirements. Thank you for all your help.
Catherine Dakin
Catherine Dakin
At such a difficult time in my life, I was glad that my mother had employed the services of Wayman & Long. They were efficient, compassionate, and highly professional, which meant that all matters relating to mum's estate were dealt with and finalised in a timely manner and without incident. I was particularly impressed with Phil, who worked in a very person-centred manner, ensuring the needs of all beneficiaries and the wishes of my mum were met throughout. I can honestly recommend Wayman & Long without hesitation.
Dr-Liz Gordon
Dr-Liz Gordon
A successful conclusion was achieved to an unpleasant boundary dispute, guided by Mr Gowling and his staff. His expertise and understanding of the problem made it a pleasure to work with him.
Sheena Stalker
Sheena Stalker
Phil is knowledgeable, efficient, and communication is very good. he always replies. Would highly recommend, Phil and the staff who support him.


At Wayman & Long we prioritise transparent communication about fees. Although each journey is unique, we have compiled a downloadable fees guide which can give an indication to the likely costs associated with your situation.

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