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Our team of Family Law solicitors represent clients in all types of family matters including divorce, co-habitee disputes, residence and contact, child care, financial matters and ownership of property, ancillary relief, non-molestation orders and occupation orders.

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  • Understanding family justice and protecting the victims of abuse | Letters
    A former judge explains how decisions are often made in family courts, while another reader believes the system needs to be better geared towards the welfare of women and childrenLouise Tickle falls into the error of generalising from two particular examples of the family justice system going wrong (Judges in secret family courts are still […]
  • In our secret family courts, judges still don’t understand what rape means | Louise Tickle
    It’s a scandal. Away from scrutiny, courtrooms are failing mothers by not taking evidence of sexual assault seriouslyWhen is rape, you know, real, proper rape? Shockingly, in our family courts, it seems it’s only when you put up a fight and have the injuries to show for it. Never mind that you might clearly not […]
  • Another twist in the Wallis Simpson saga | Letter
    Solicitor Robert Egerton’s familiarity with the hotel at the heart of the divorce case made his wife suspicious, recalls Hugo VickersI can add a curious postscript to Robert Egerton’s involvement with the Hotel de Paris at Bray (How a posh hotel nearly ruined Wallis Simpson’s divorce plans, 23 December). I used to know his first […]

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