Estate Planning & Probate

Estate planning isn’t just about what happens after your death, it’s also about how you live and who will look after your affairs for you in the event that you can’t do it for yourself.

Powers of attorney and what they can and can’t manage on your behalf are complex agreements that have a significant impact of how you live your life. Our team of experienced solicitors can guide you through this process so that you are comfortable with the decisions you make and the attorneys you appoint.

Our wills team can guide you through the complexity of making the right type of will and / or trusts for your family and ‘good causes’, ensuring that they have one less thing to worry about at an incredibly stressful time. They can also help you to review your financial affairs and take steps to reduce the impact of inheritance tax on your estate.


Probate Pricing

Obviously pricing for probate matters can vary considerably. However, to give you an idea of what to expect an uncontested probate with wholly UK based assets (that is completely deal with a deceased’s persons affairs and applying for Grant of Probate as necessary) our fees average between 2-3% of the gross value of the estate, inclusive of a 0.5% gross estate charge and VAT.

The hourly rate applicable is £250 per hour plus VAT.

In terms of disbursements, there is the £157.50 for the probate application fee, and £.50 for each sealed copy probate requested.

The timescales for probate vary from 3-12 months, dependent upon assets (for example if there is a property to be sold it will be as long as that takes to go through).


Our Probate Team

To talk to one of the team, please call us on 01787 277375 or use the online form.

"Thank you for all of your help, support and advice over both the past few months but also over the last four years". 

S and B Moorehead