Disputes and litigation

Dealing with disputes, irrespective of their size, can be daunting and stressful. Not knowing how things might pan out or where to go to resolve the matter can compound matters further, leaving you feeling helpless.

Our experienced litigation lawyers can help.

Our disputes and litigation team regularly handle a variety of disputes – large and small. They can provide specialist advice on how to resolve your issue quickly and cost-effectively.

Examples of litigation matters include:

  • Issues between you and your landlord
  • Boundary and property disagreements
  • Conflicts with retailers, suppliers or service providers
  • Problems with contracts (employment and consumers)
  • Where you are having problems regarding debts repaid

Our litigation team team includes; Paul Povey, Alex Robinson and Sue O'Brien. To talk to one of the team, please call us on 01787 277375 or use the online form.

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